The techniques in Wing Chun and the environment in which they are taught are solely for the purpose of developing skills that are useable in real-life situations.
— Danny G.


Wing Chun produces efficient and adaptable fighters in a relatively short time by drilling into core principles and applying general techniques to multiple scenarios. The style consists of short, direct movements designed to eliminate wasted energy and generate speed in the counter attack.

Practicing Wing Chun develops reflexes that automatically trigger the correct technique for self defense - to guard zones of the body while simultaneously utilizing the opponent's force in response - allowing a weaker fighter to overcome stronger opponents. At advanced levels, the seasoned practitioner can fight blindfolded. 

By always staying in close, physical contact, experienced fighters are able to feel and respond to the opponent’s force before the opponent has a chance to launch an effective attack. Wing Chun techniques are compact, the space needed to defend oneself is very small. 

In addition to the Forms, RDU Wing Chun includes Iron Palm training. 

The Forms.