Wing Chun is the most realistic martial art I’ve ever trained in.
— Rick W.

The less complex the techniques, the more effective. 


Wing Chun Kung Fu is a result-oriented martial art from Southern China made popular in the United States by the late Bruce Lee (1940-1973).  Prominently known for the one-inch punch, blind-folded sticky hands, and wooden dummy, Wing Chun is the only martial art developed by a woman.

Recognized for efficiency and economy of movement, Wing Chun's concept-based system engages long-term devotees through progressive training techniques applicable to real-life situations. True to its origin, a few well-chosen concepts produce a wealth of expression to effect simultaneous attack and defense techniques.

Studied by special forces, martial art enthusiasts and anyone that desires a discipline in a meditative exercise that develops form, balance, and self-awareness, Wing Chun hones fundamental principles and techniques to progress in a self-defense practice. The appeal is in its simplicity and depth. 

Wing Chun has put me in the best shape of my life and taught me how to fight like never before.
— Heath G.